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Jun 26, 2020, 11:10 AM
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ePlus and Check Point Partnership

With a long history of partnering together, ePlus currently holds a Four Star partnership level with over 40+ technical and sales certifications. ePlus also has the ability to deliver Enhanced Maintenance support (EMS) on Check Point solutions.

Check Point
CP Cloud With Confidence

Cloud with Confidence with ePlus and Check Point

ePlus and Check Point enable organizations to deploy and protect at cloud scale and speed, across all clouds, assets and networks.

  • Security-from actively managing security posture, all the way to threat prevention
  • Automated-including automated deployment on every version, function or account, automatic insights and automated remediation
  • Everywhere-security across different clouds and types of workloads from development right through to production

Webinar: Security Automated Everywhere


Cloud Security Posture Management

  • Continuous posture management
  • High fidelity security
  • Global security language

ePlus Cloud Security Monitoring provides continuous risk visualization and security assessment across AWS and/or Azure environments, ensuring that your organization has clarity on cloud risk profiles on a constant basis. Combining the industry-leading Dome9 tool, a Cloud Security Posture Management tool, and ePlus cloud architecture expertise, the Cloud Security Monitoring offering helps reduce blind spots in your cloud security posture. Benefit from a fully-optimized and secure public cloud environment.

Learn more about Cloud Security Monitoring and Posture Management with ePlus, leveraging Dome9

Read the ebook: 5 Steps to Effective Cloud Security Posture Management

Security Advisory Services

Secure Migration to Azure

70% of the world’s on-premises servers run Windows Service and are nearing end of support. Check Point’s Security Risk Assessment and Remediation Package for Azure gives customers confidence to securely migrate to Azure.


Infinity Total Protection

Get the full threat prevention your enterprise needs in a simple all-inclusive, per-user, per-year, subscription offering. Infinity Total Protection is a revolutionary security business model that enables you to consume all of the products and solutions included within the Check Point Infinity security architecture, along with all the associated services you need.

Checkpoint Infinity Data Sheet


Americas Cloud Partner of the Year

ePlus was awarded with the Check Point Americas Cloud Partner of the Year award as part of the Secure Migration program, an offering developed jointly between Check Point and Microsoft. ePlus was recognized for best in class MSP and CloudGuard policy management assessment offerings as well as over-achievement in executing the Secure Migration program, aimed at driving digital transformation via cloud adoption.

Learn more here

Watch the event introductory video with Ashley Marcotte of ePlus who speaks on the importance of women in IT

Women In IT

Breaking the Glass Ceiling

ePlus was proud to sponsor Check Point’s Women in IT: Breaking the Glass Ceiling event held on September 15. This event focused on themes of diversity in the workplace, management strategies and the future for women in IT. It featured a panel discussion with top female executives, as well as guest speaker Erin Brockovich. The event also benefited Girls Who Code and Dress for Success.



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