Simplify Networking and Security

ePlus and Gigamon work together to provide customers with a scalable and agile network visibility platform, giving end-to-end visibility to address evolving threats.  This solution provides visibility and a scalable security solution that addresses the demands of big data across the network—vital to identifying and mitigating current and future threats.


Why Choose ePlus & Gigamon

  • End-to-end visibility for comprehensive results
  • Distribute traffic across multiple inline and out-of-band tools
  • Scalable network and security solutions
  • Achieve real-time pervasive security

Security to Support a Multi-Tiered Approach

Leverage a scalable and agile network visibility platform preparing you for next-generation security with GigaSecure.


Flexible Filtering and the Industry's Highest Filter Capacity

A patented Flow Mapping Technology enables traffic distribution policies that send the right data to the right tools.

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