Leverage an Integrated Defense 

ePlus designs, deploys, and manages Cisco security solutions that provide advanced defenses for attacks.  We know that better business starts with security. And an integrated defense against threats, such as ransomware and malware, starts with the Cisco Security platform. You can rely on the expertise of ePlus and Cisco to deliver effective data intelligence and automated tools that provide security in the network and in the cloud before, during, and after an incident. 


Why ePlus and Cisco?

  • Highest security effectiveness
  • Breach detection time immensely faster than industry norms
  • Security automation that creates significant savings
  • Superior multi-layered protection
  • Simplified management with lower costs

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Protect Before a Security Breach

ePlus and Cisco can help define your network security policies and controls to keep the threats out of your data center using Cisco’s Next Generation FirePower and Threat Defense solutions.

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Increase Visibility During a Security Incident

If you can’t see the threat, you can’t protect against it. ePlus and Cisco utilize intelligence from the Cisco Talos group to better see, manage, and address security threats as they arise.
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Addressing the Cyber-Security Landscape

Once a security breach has occurred, ePlus and Cisco investigate and turn back the clock and help you find “patient zero” to mitigate current attacks and prevent further damage with Advanced Malware Protection (AMP) and Stealthwa...

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