Eric D. Hovde
Independent Director
Age: 58
Director of ePlus since 2006
Committees: Compensation and Nominating and Corporate Governance (Chair)
Other Public Company Directorships: None

Mr. Hovde is an entrepreneur who has established and managed numerous business enterprises. Mr. Hovde is the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of H Bancorp LLC, a private bank holding company. He has served as a director on numerous bank boards throughout his career and has been serving on the board of H Bancorp’s largest holding, Sunwest Bank, since 1996, where he is also the Chief Executive Officer. Additionally, Mr. Hovde serves as the Chief Executive Officer and co-owner of Hovde Properties, LLC, a real estate development company, located in Madison, Wisconsin. Mr. Hovde oversees the management of the company and all large development properties.

Formerly, Mr. Hovde founded and managed Hovde Financial, an investment banking company focused on the financial services industry, and Hovde Capital, an asset management company that managed capital for institutional clients, family offices, and high net worth individuals. Throughout his career, he has also purchased numerous banks and savings banks throughout the United States and has served on the board of over a dozen banking companies.

Charity is a primary principle in the Hovde family and related businesses. Mr. Hovde and his brother, Steven, created and funded the Hovde Foundation in 1998. The foundation focuses on several charitable organizations throughout the United States and worldwide. Principally, The Hovde Foundation’s focus is on assisting disadvantaged children. In this regard, Mr. Hovde founded Hovde Homes, which provides shelter, care, education, and love to vulnerable children that were abandoned on the street or trafficked.

Mr. Hovde earned his degrees in Economics and International Relations at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

The board believes that Mr. Hovde’s expertise in the financial services industry, investment management areas and business operations, as well as his experience on other company boards and with mergers and acquisitions, bring valuable insight to the Board


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