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Healthcare IT is forward-looking, futuristic and full of possibility. It’s also constrained by compliance and budgetary restrictions that present it with a unique set of technology challenges. The role of the healthcare CIO is changing from straight management of IT infrastructure and purchasing decisions to that of a strategic business partner, equally committed to protecting patient data and improving patient experience. We can help you optimize your technology environment to provide state of the art patient care and a more personalized patient experience while balancing budgetary and compliance requirements.


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Telemedicine and Telehealth

Enhance patient examinations and consultations as well as facilitate non-clinical provider training, continuing medical education, and services.


Mobility and collaboration

Expand patient engagement at the point of care, improve clinician productivity, and achieve cost efficiencies through collaboration tools including wireless networks and virtual desktops.

Big data-Healthcare

Big data / Analytics

Leverage clinical and claims data and enable data sharing in order to drive the best possible care and patient outcomes.



Implement IT security solutions to strengthen controls, prevent and detect attacks, and protect against the increasing threat of ransomware



Tailored financing to support innovation—with flexible options such as extended and installment purchase agreements as well as consumption and subscription payment choices. 



Placement of short-term, long-term, temporary-to-hire, and direct-hire healthcare IT professionals, to make your mission-critical projects a complete success. 

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