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Rhode Island

NASPO Value Point Data Communications Products & Services - Cisco
MPA 517
Expires: 5/31/20
Award #: 3501200
Website: https://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/solutions/industries/government/us-government-solutions-services/resources/government-contracts-funding-vehicles/state-local-government-contracts/naspo-valuepoint-datacom/rhode-island.html

NASPO Value Point Data Communications Products & Services - Juniper
Expires: 5/31/20
Award #: 3501235
Website: http://www.purchasing.ri.gov/MPA/MPAawards.aspx?MPANumber=517 & MPADesc = NASPO+Value+Point-+Data+Communications+Products+%26+Services

NASPO Value Point Data Communications Products & Services - NetApp
Expires: 5/31/20
Award #:
Website: http://www.purchasing.ri.gov/MPA/MPAawards.aspx?MPANumber=517 & MPADesc = NASPO+Value+Point-+Data+Communications+Products+%26+Services

State of Rhode Island #MPA-230
IT Services
​ePlus Award #:
Expires:  9/30/2019
Description: Computer Technical Support Services
Brands Covered: ePlus Professional Services
Web:  https://www.purchasing.ri.gov/ 

MPA 345 Computer Hardware Computer Products (listed as partner under EMC)
Expires: 3/31/2020
Brands Covered: EMC
Web:  https://www.purchasing.ri.gov/

State of Rhode Island #MPA-308
Telecommunications Services Installation & Project Management Services
ePlus Award #:  3315082
Expires: 2/29/2020
Description:  Telecommunications Services Installation & Project Management Services
Brands Covered: Cisco, ePlus Project Management Services
Web:   https://www.purchasing.ri.gov/ 

State of Rhode Island #MPA-416

​Audiovisual Equipment/Services
ePlus Award #: 3602934
Expires: 6/30/2023
Description: Audiovisual Equipment/Services
Brands Covered: Cisco, ePlus Support Services
Web:   https://www.purchasing.ri.gov/

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) MC11-F05

​Technology Contract
Expires:  9/30/2020
Description: This is a Massachusetts Contract that has been extended to:
Computer Hardware, PCs and Desktops, Computer Laptops, Computer monitors, Computer pre-configured workstations, Computer product support, Computer server maintenance, Computer servers, Computer service/maintenance, Computer storage, Computer storage maintenance, Networking equipment & supplies, Networking service/maintenance, Notebooks/slate devices/tablets, Peripherals & related accessories, Printer service/maintenance, Printers, Computers, Scanner service/maintenance, Scanners, Security Devices, Security service/maintenance, Smart Phones/PDAs/Handhelds, Telecommunications equipment & supplies, Telecommunications service/maintenance
Brands Covered: American Power Conversion (APC), Barracuda, Brocade, Cisco, ePlus support services, ePlus-Entire Catalog, FalconStor, FatPipe, VCE
Web:  https://www.mhec.net/

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