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NASPO Value Point - Cisco - Data Communications Products and Services 
Cisco-NVP Master Purchasing Agreement: AR-233 (2015-2020) 
State of Connecticut Board of Regents for Higher Education-Participating
Addendum: SO-98-15

Expires: 5/31/2020
Description: Cisco NVP Data Communications Products and Services Communications Contract. This contract allows all state colleges, universities, public schools, municipalities of the State of Connecticut and quasi-governmental public procurement unit in the State of Connecticut customers to procure the entire suite of Cisco Networking Communications products and services using an interstate cooperative purchasing vehicle. 
Brands Covered: Cisco and ePlus services
Web: http://www.naspovaluepoint.com/#/home/contracts

Juniper NVP Data Communications Master Agreement: AR229
State of Connecticut Participating Addendum:14PSX0266
Description: This PA allows a public sector customer to procure Juniper Networking Software, Optical Networking, Router, Security, Switches, and Wireless.
Brands: Juniper
Expires: 5/31/2020
Web: https://www.naspovaluepoint.org/portfolio/data-communications-services/juniper/


EMC NVP Data Communications Master Agreement: MNWNC-109
State of Connecticut Participating Addendum: 18PSX0264-MNWNC-109
Description:  Computer Equipment: Band 5 Storage Related Peripherals & Services
Brands:  EMC
Expires:  3/31/2020
Web:  https://www.naspovaluepoint.org/portfolio/computer-equipment/emc-computer-equipment/


Cisco Products and Services
Contract Award No: 18PSX0202
Department of Administrative Services, All Using State Agencies, Political Subdivisions and Not for Profit Organizations
Expires: 4/10/24
Description: Percentage Discount from Cisco Systems Product Catalog and Global Price List and Hourly Rates for Professional Services, Support and other Value Add Services
Web: https://biznet.ct.gov/SCP_Documents/Results/20749/18PSX0202%20Contract%20Award%20Document%20Complete.pdf

UC-16-SF071116-G - University of Connecticut
Network and Security Hardware
Expires:  5/15/2020
Description:  Network and Security Hardware for University of Connecticut, Primarily.
Contract extended to: Connecticut Colleges Purchasing Group (CCPG), Connecticut Education Network (CEN) & University of Connecticut Health Center
Brands Covered:  BlueCat Networks, Brocade, Cisco, EMC, IBM
Web: www.purchasing.uconn.edu

04-1810 - State of Connecticut Judicial Branch
Cisco​ Equipment, Software, and Support Services

Expires: 9/30/2022 
Description: For the Procurement of Cisco Equipment, Software and Services for the State of Connecticut Judicial Branch.  
Brands Covered: Cisco
Web: www.jud.ct.gov

UCONN UC-16-SF071116-G

Expires: 5/15/2020 

Description: Network and Security Hardware for University of Connecticut, Primarily.
Contract Extended to: Connecticut Colleges Purchasing Group (CCPG), Connecticut Education Network (CEN) & University of Connecticut Health Center
Brands Covered: Entire ePlus catalog and services
Web: www.purchasing.uconn.edu

Massachusetts Higher Education Consortium (MHEC) MC11-F05
Technology Contract
Expires: 9/30/2020
Description: This is a Massachusetts Contract that has been extended to:
CT, MA, ME, 
Computer Hardware, PCs and Desktops, Computer Laptops, Computer monitors, C omputer pre-configured workstations, Computer product support, Computer server
maintenance, Computer servers, Computer service/maintenance, Computer storage, Computer storage maintenance, Networking equipment & supplies, Networking
service/maintenance, Notebooks/slate devices/tablets, Peripherals & related accessories, Printer service/maintenance, Printers, Computers, Scanner service/maintenance, Scanners, Security Devices, Security service/maintenance,  Smart , Phones/PDAs/Handhelds, Telecommunications equipment & supplies,
Telecommunications service/maintenance
Brands Covered: American Power Conversion (APC), Barracuda, Brocade, Cisco, ePlus  support services, ePlus-Entire Catalog, FalconStor, FatPipe, VCE
Web: www.mhec.net

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