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Suppliers can quickly upload product data through our web-based Supplier Portal to collaborate with purchasing organizations in order to create and maintain a fully compliant eCatalog.


 OneSource Supplier Portal

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Flexible, Extensible, Secure.Maximize contract compliance by collaborating with suppliers to build and review accurate, up-to-date eCatalog content for better search results through eProcurement and legacy ERP applications.

Flexible Product Data Upload - suppliers can onboard and update product data using our secure, web-based Supplier Portal. Information is sent to a staging area for review and approval.  Simple technology accepts suppliers' current format so that you and your suppliers can interact immediately without expensive IT resources.     
Manage Content & Workflow – convenient dashboards make it easy for you to keep track of the content management process. By tracking the direct approval processes it shows changes made to specific items and provides regular alerts and notifications of Portal events.
Enhance Spend Analysis – by linking catalog items to your commodity code structure, all catalog spend flows directly into your defined categories driving better spend analysis.
Smooth Data Management - supports both level one and level two punch out protocols for a seamless one-on-one relationship with approved suppliers enabling secure, effective data transfer and content management by your suppliers.
Maintain Updated Product Data – Indexing Engine provides and easy way for suppliers to send updated product data from their punch-out sites by enabling users to do one search for indexed items across both the locally hosted and punch-out catalogs.  To keep the supplier product data fresh, schedule the Indexing Engine to capture data from your suppliers' sites at regular intervals for approval.
Enhance Compliance - tracks content changes to provide financial controls and audit capabilities to comply with contractual, corporate and other regulatory requirements.
Easy Integration – an open application approach ensures that it can be the front-end platform for nearly any eCatalog, eProcurement, material master or inventory system.

A complete process where you and your suppliers can collaborate on the creation and maintenance of eCatalogs accessed by eCommerce and legacy applications. 


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