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OneSource IT+ is a groundbreaking IT eprocurement solution that helps businesses centralize, consolidate and aggregate IT spend for greater control and cost savings.  Available as a stand-alone solution or fully integrates with your existing system. 

 The State of IT Purchasing


 OneSource IT+


Gain control over IT spend

OneSource IT+ is an automated eprocurement solution that delivers current pricing and product configurations from multiple IT suppliers through an exclusive web-based portal.  From simple items to complex configurations, it was made to consolidate all IT spend giving businesses needed visibility to manage and reduce IT costs.

Automated IT eProcurement and Compliance – use it as a compliance platform for reducing IT spend by automating the IT purchasing process from requisition through reconciliation.  
Centralize, Consolidate and Aggregate Spend Under Management– reduce fragmented IT purchasing.  All contracted and non-contracted IT purchasing can be consolidated, automated and managed from within a unified, simple to use purchasing portal.
Procurement Intelligence - get in-depth spend visibility and IT procurement activity delivered right to your dashboard, at the speed of business.
Fully Configurable – set business rules to your unique requirements with fully configurable workflow, reporting, and transaction management capabilities.
Full Integration Capabilities  - easily integrates with back office systems.
Asset Tracking - available as an optional module to track the entire lifecycle of IT assets from requisition to disposal.  Businesses can instantly assess and retrieve an accurate accounting of assets.  Learn more.

Make it easier than ever to purchase IT products and services.


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