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OneSource Procurement delivers the eProcurement capabilities that are most important to your business – compliance, productivity and cost savings.

 OneSource Procurement (formerly, Procure+)


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A robust eProcurement automation solution that combines our eCatalog and Supplier Portal for a truly integrated suite or as a stand-alone solution that easily integrates with existing systems.   ​

eProcurement – manage the entire enterprise with easy to use purchasing processes and fully configurable workflow, reporting, and transaction management capabilities.
Cost Savings - control indirect and IT spend to achieve a substantial and sustainable ROI.
Compliance - automate workflow to control products, special offers and pricing to enforce compliance to contracts.  
Productivity – get in-depth procurement intelligence on spend visibility and procurement activity delivered right to your dashboard, at the speed of business.  View screen shots.
Pioneers of Patented Business Methodology and Processes - developed innovative functionality to streamline, unify and improve eProcurement.
Unparalleled expertise in Best Practices - skilled development team of industry veterans.
Control Complex Purchasing Environments - unify data across multiple variances
and leverage purchasing power across multiple business units.
As a Truly Integrated Suite - provides users with the ability to manage an eCatalog, control spend and manage assets from one platform.  Learn more.
Supplier Portal – suppliers and purchasing organizations can quickly upload product/item data to create and maintain a fully compliant eCatalog.
Catalog+ - a central hub for all forms of shopping that maintains a seamless presentation to the shopper regardless of catalog source, and includes data syndication unifying supplier data enterprise-wide to enforce contract compliance.
Inventory Management - a full function Inventory module automatically routes requisitions for stocked items to the Inventory module supporting multiple warehouses, cycle counts, auto-replenishment, pick lists and back-orders.
OneSource Procurement Asset Management Module - available as an optional module to track the entire lifecycle of  assets from requisition to disposal. Businesses can instantly assess and retrieve an accurate accounting of assets. 
Sourcing (Bid Management)  - automate supplier solicitation processing using an integrated solution to issue, track and evaluate supplier responses, available as an optional module.
Invoice Processing  - maximize ROI of paperless Invoice Processing without sacrificing control with end-to-end AP Automation using  Invoice Virtualization to produce eInvoices, available as optional module.

Available in the Cloud or by Enterprise License with Mobile Accessibility


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