Document Management

Simplify document management to a single URL for 24x7 secure, remote access to files and documents of any size.

 OneSource DigitalPaper XE


Digital Document Management.  Anytime, Anywhere.

Reduce Paper, Dowloads and Costly Re-works -
view, manage and collaborate among internal and/or external stakeholders via a secure, web- based browser.  Revisions and communication are noted for accuracy and clarity.
View any document (from complex drawings to Word documents) - and distribute them across the enterprise to accept, view, print and collaborate on using directSight®, ePlus’ patented technology for secure file transfers.
Collaborate and Speed Up Communication - quickly and easily communicate questions, clarifications or suggested changes to authorized users without affecting, copying or downloading the original document.  ViewMark®, ePlus’ patented technology keeps an audit trail of all saved communication.
Manage the Entire Product Lifecycle from a single URL - point-click and assemble document packages in minutes to organize RFQ, ECN, work order, maintenance request, service ticket, etc., using DocPak.

Valued by both our private and public sector customers who find its uses indispensable to their operations.


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