OneSource Procurement Asset Management Module

Businesses get immediate access to a wide range of manageable assets with detailed assessments of contracts and goods that are on-hand.

 Capture a wide range of corporate assets.

Automated Asset Data Collection - asset data is automatically collected when the PO is received and integrated into the system for tracking and reconciliation.  
Capture Contract Terms for Better Contract Management - contract terms can be established as assets tied to an independent PO within the system to manage and track coverage for service contracts and/or warranties.
Asset Visibility - get immediate visibility to asset data including location, condition, warranties, service contracts, age and value.
Account for Assets by Category - get detailed accounting of assets that are purchased, expensed and leased. 
Integrate New and Used Assets to Inventory Control - used assets can also be placed back into consumable inventory.  Set the system to check inventory before generating a PO to purchase a new one.   
Reporting Dashboard - an incomparable bird’s eye view of assets provides users with a convenient way to get an overview and/or detailed list of current assets including depreciated values.

Integrated Asset Tracking for a Better Way to Manage Corporate Assets. 

Available as an optional module for OneSource Procurement and OneSource IT+

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