Hosted VoIP is a managed PBX environment in the cloud that provides phone services to end users. It replaces on-prem PBXs, as well as SIP, PRIs, and POTS lines.

Required Info

Do you need the provider to include Phone Handsets?
Do you have a Contact Center or Call Center today? (Used to service customers).
Do you feel comfortable running Voice over your current network?
Current Site to Site Connectivity (Hosted VoIP providers can leverage your existing network or provide managed connectivity).
Compliance Standards Required

Helpful Info

Where do you plan to deploy Hosted VoIP?
Office Locations
Do you require local DIDs for locations outside the US?
Do you require any analog phone lines? (E.g. for alarm systems, elevators, door buzzers, overhead paging, etc).
Do you need to integrate with an Instant Messaging (IM) solution? (For example, Microsoft Lync or Cisco Jabber).
If so, which IM solution do you need to integrate with?
Do you need to integrate with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution? (For example, Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics).
If so, which CRM solution do you need to integrate with?
Do you have PoE switches in place? (Powered over Ethernet).
Please select any REQUIRED Enterprise Features
Attachment (please attach any specifications, diagrams, or equipment lists)
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