Wireless Networks

The explosion of mobility in the workplace presents some unique challenges when managing wireless networks.  To be productive, your users need wireless access to corporate applications and Internet connectivity from their laptops, tablets, smart phones, and other devices.  Add the “Bring Your Own Device” trend to the mix, and the number and type of devices is growing at an exponential rate.  It all results in increased demand for secure, scalable, and high performance wireless access. 

 Embracing the Best the Market has to Offer

ePlus can help you address these mobility challenges. We provide unified controller-based access solutions that leverage the latest in wireless RF technology—delivering high-performance networks that can tolerate high traffic and mitigate sources of interference.  We offer wireless networks that are easy to administer, control, and deploy as well as integrate with enterprise-class authentication stores and policy servers.
We can also assist with enhancing your existing wireless networks by upgrading to 802.11n technology for enhanced capacity and performance. Or integrate your infrastructure technologies to leverage wired and wireless access methods for a seamless and unified user experience.

 Why ePlus for Your Wireless Network?


ePlus has been deploying wireless networks for customers for more than 15 years.  Our team of seasoned engineers is dedicated and certified on the latest systems and RF capabilities.  We carefully perform wireless assessments to qualify the business drivers behind your networks, and then design and deploy the ideal solution based on your specific wireless applications. Whether its voice, video, or location-based services, we’ll design your wireless network with these unique properties in mind.  We’ll help ensure access to your mission critical applications via a high-quality, high-performing, and low-latency wireless network. 

ePlus works with leading wireless network manufacturers to bring the best solutions to our customers:

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