Intelligent Branch


 Cloud-Ready Your WAN


Intelligent BranchCustomer experience is the new competitive competency in today’s digital economy. But digitization is overwhelming traditional WANs with cloud applications, guest Wi-Fi, social networking, digital displays, and other innovations that are increasing bandwidth requirements by 20%-50% yearly. And although a vast majority of customer experiences take place in branch locations, many organizations are struggling to balance the rapidly evolving needs of these offices, stores, or campuses against flattening WAN budgets.

The ePlus Intelligent Branch solution leverages industry-leading software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology, best-of-breed service provider connectivity, and ePlus Managed Services to deliver what traditional WANs cannot to support cloud, application visibility, management, and redundancy.

Our end-to-end solution enables customers to securely expand their WAN with Internet connectivity and dynamically route traffic for each business application without a “one size fits all” approach to SD-WAN. Customers can deploy branch offices quickly and deliver a great user experience while reducing costs and mitigating risks.

Key Benefits

Improves customer experience—for video, mobile devices, digital signs, remote interviewing, telepresence, conferencing, and BYOD
Enables business agility with faster branch and application rollouts
Reduces costs up to 60%
Increases bandwidth up to 20X
Provides better redundancy, enabling business continuity
Delivers 24x7x365 security and management
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