Core Network Assessment

New business challenges and opportunities emerge every day—is your network prepared to meet these challenges?  Are you missing out on leveraging the latest technologies and advancements?  Networks change every day by seemingly not changing at all.  New applications are added and removed changing how your infrastructure functions and affecting how your business operates.

 Are You Ready to Take Your Network to the Next Level?

Is your network prepared to leverage new technologies, like video?  Have you made network documentation a priority?  Have you invested in inventory tools so you have a clear picture of your network?  Do you have adequate resources to manage your networks?  Are you paying maintenance on decommissioned hardware?  There are lots of questions.  Luckily, ePlus has the answers.

ePlus offers a core network assessment which will enable you to maintain an optimized network. Our assessment includes a network inventory, detailing all your hardware and software, performance testing to identify misconfigurations and bandwidth bottlenecks, traffic analysis, Cisco Internetwork operating systems vulnerabilities, and configuration and network device review.  We’ll deliver actionable data and a prioritization plan, which will ensure that your business is able to handle a continually changing network landscape each day.

Our assessment can help you solve problems by:
  • Recommending patches as a result of security vulnerabilities in network devices
  • Providing a current state and future state analysis
  • Recommending replacement hardware for devices that have reached Last Day of Support (LDoS)
  • Detailing your support status and providing a plan to help you manage your SmartNet contracts

By taking advantage of an ePlus Core Network Assessment, you’ll have the critical details needed to ensure your network is poised to support the latest technologies and enable your success.  You’ll have an action plan in place to increase network uptime, safeguard your business critical data, go “green” by reducing power and cooling costs, get a better handle on your budget, and reduce maintenance costs.


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​Is your infrastructure ready to support the next phase of your business?