IT Equipment Finance

​ePlus provides a wide variety of IT leasing solutions to mid-sized and larger enterprises. ePlus Leasing programs are designed to be cost-effective and process-oriented business solutions that deliver compliance control and maximum savings at each stage in the equipment lifecycle…for an easy and simple solution.

 Why ePlus for Your Financing Needs?


it-lease-thumb.jpgWhy should you choose to work with ePlus instead of a bank, a manufacturer finance company, or another IT leasing company?  ePlus is uniquely positioned to leverage the best of all of these traditional financing options in one solution. What really differentiates us from the other options is our true business process approach. With more than 20 years of experience providing a wide portfolio of financing solutions, we understand the complexities and nuances of financing—for federal government, state/local government, and commercial customers.

Unlike a bank, ePlus can manage and administer a leasing program that leverages the best available financing rates—even leveraging existing banking relationships where desired—and customize the solution to match your environment and back office (not the banks’ and their internal compliance regulations).
Unlike a manufacturer finance company, ePlus can combine multiple technologies and manufacturers into one contract—delivering the simplicity and competitive rates of a manufacturing leasing program while managing complex, multi-vendor IT solutions.
Unlike another IT leasing company, ePlus offers process automation and business integration to enable multiple refresh cycles for our customers over the long term. We are backed by financial stability and a strong balance sheet, using our own capital to underwrite and maintaining full ownership of our transactions over the full term.

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