An IT transformation is upon us.  The consumerization of IT, cloud computing, and converged infrastructures are driving an IT inflection point more dramatic than we’ve seen in decades.  Virtualization establishes the foundation to embrace today’s transformation—enabling you to improve what you have, optimize and maximize results, and enable your path to the cloud.

 Why ePlus for Your Virtualization Needs


ePlus is uniquely positioned to help achieve your future IT vision at every step of your transformation—from asset consolidation to flexible service delivery.  It begins and ends with our people—who possess the perspective, experience, and depth of skill to engage in true partnership with our customers.  We’ll invest the time required to develop a thorough understanding of your legacy systems, and from there design and deploy virtualization solutions that deliver the greatest impact.

We have demonstrated experience helping:

  • Municipal governments leverage Community Cloud solutions
  • Healthcare institutions deploy electronic medical record (EMR) systems on virtual desktops
  • Commercial organizations utilize virtualization technology to decrease time to market and capture a competitive advantage

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