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Managing your server infrastructure gets challenging with each passing day. You’re likely tasked with reducing server administrative overhead, shortening server deployment times, eliminating planned and unplanned outages, and maximizing server efficiency—often with shrinking budgets and staff.

With the convergence of data center technologies comes many new opportunities. From maximizing performance per watt in constrained data centers, to increased automation, self-monitoring and maintenance, and intelligent power management, how do you know which key technologies to leverage first? Luckily, ePlus is on hand to help you navigate the server landscape and determine what leading solutions make the most sense for your organization, including:

  • Unlocking the promise of new extreme low-energy server technology
  • Spreading your workload across servers through hyperscale computing
  • Speeding data process times with reduced latency—and securing a competitive edge

 Why ePlus for Your Server Infrastructure?


ePlus brings deep technical knowledge and experience in helping our customers architect a wide range of server solutions from the industry’s top manufacturers.  Our strong vendor relationships provide access to thought leaders in server technology development—knowledge we pass directly to our customers.  In addition, we offer virtual labs and demonstration centers that provide hands-on access for proof of concept—allowing you to test key server technology and see exactly how it will work in your existing environment—before you buy it.

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