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 Simple as a Service


cloud-aggregate-thumb1-200x150.jpgThe pace of innovation is faster than ever. Enterprises are looking to transform their business with technologies that bring more and more focus to the customer while saving considerably on IT budget and other costs. Many businesses are considering a Cloud First strategy, co-location services, or connectivity options but don’t have sufficient time or the expertise to carefully select and implement the best solutions quickly.

Let ePlus Cloud Aggregated Services accelerate your enterprise’s innovation and cost savings through a single trusted resource across hundreds of top industry providers.   Our experts start with simple assessments that offer intelligent insight into your environment and focus on achieving the business outcomes you desire.   We can quickly evaluate and consolidate options to offer customized solutions for your business in days—or sometimes just hours.

This service offers:

Simple assessments to start your Cloud-as-a-Service journey in minutes
Expertise and first-hand knowledge of hundreds of best-of-breed providers at the best price, saving you time money
Simplified recurring monthly billing and support with every option

 Take a simple assessment today to discover cloud service options in:



​Carrier Connectivity, Telephony, and Conferencing
Managed O365 or Hosted Microsoft Exchange
Hosted VoIP
Desktop as a Service/VDI
Infrastructure as a Service
Back-Up and Disaster Recovery as a Service
Cloud Storage
Co-location, Migration, and Managed Services
Hosted Security
Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid Networking

Contact us today at services@eplus.com for your simple assessment and let ePlus be your guide to Simple as a Service.