Enterprise Cloud Solutions


 Enabling Your Transformation to Cloud Computing

The transformation to delivering IT as a service is inevitable for most organizations. It’s becoming a matter of “when”—as opposed to “if” it’s going to occur. 

This transformation can be extremely disruptive for IT departments as it requires coordination of resources supporting the network, server, storage, and application platforms.

 Flexible Cloud Deployment: eCloud

ePlus is a leading integrator of private cloud solutions, and we can lower the overall time, cost, and risk associated with this transformation. Our offering, eCloud (or Enterprise Cloud), can help you develop a cloud computing strategy tailored specifically to your business.  We provide you with the flexibility of choice to select the components that best fit your needs—allowing you to leverage your previous investments in IT infrastructure and virtualization technologies and move your legacy systems to the cloud.

In addition, our relationships with strategic vendors allow us to provide enterprise class solutions in support of your cloud initiatives, including Cisco, Citrix, EMC, HP, NetApp, VMware, and more. ePlus also offers consultation and assessment services for public cloud solutions—enabling you to bring together the hybrid cloud model that best fits your short- and long-term business objectives.

ePlus integrated cloud solutions can help you:
  • Become a more flexible and agile IT organization
  • Offer IT services more rapidly and at a lower cost
  • Transform IT into a profit center, as opposed to a cost center
  • Reduce time to market and achieve a competitive differentiation
  • Lower the overall cost of IT

 ePlus Offers the Following Cloud Services


eCloud Readiness Consultation – This systematic approach unlocks the business value of cloud computing and maps the full cloud potential to your specific IT architecture.  ePlus will review and analyze your entire enterprise computing environment and provide a final report of our findings, including your current state assessment, your future state, implementation and planning, migration planning, and recommendations—all tailored to your existing IT footprint, business drivers, and specific needs.


Windows Server 2012
The eCloud Readiness Consultation can also be used to determine how Windows Server 2012 can help you reduce server sprawl, decrease infrastructure complexity, increase Predictable Service Delivery, and establish truly shared infrastructures.

Best-in-Class Infrastructure Components — ePlus can help you choose a custom approach to cloud computing by selecting the components that work best in your environment.  We also work closely with major manufacturers to offer pre-bundled, pre-packaged solutions.

FlexPod™ -  NetApp, Cisco, and VMware have collaborated to create this pre-validated data center solution built on a flexible, shared infrastructure that can scale easily, be optimized for a variety of mixed application workloads, or be configured for virtual desktop or server infrastructure, secure multi-tenancy, or cloud environments. Reduce complexities, improve efficiencies, and lower costs with FlexPod from ePlus.
HP CloudSystem - integrates and automates system management, servers, storage, networking, and security to address the challenges you face today: the need to speed innovation, accelerate business processes, and reduce time to revenue. Completely transform IT service delivery with HP CloudSystem from ePlus.
Vblock™ - These integrated packages combine best-of-breed networking, storage, security, and management technologies from Cisco, EMC, and VMware that deliver optimal performance and reduce operational expenses. ePlus is a Vblock Qualified Partner.

Cloud Automation and Management Tools — We've partnered with industry-leading manufacturers, including CA, Cisco, EMC, HP, VMware, and others, to offer world-class solutions as the platform to enable eCloud.  These solutions enable a self-service IT portal for auto-provisioning, management, monitoring, and chargeback.

Cloud Support Services — ePlus offers a broad range of services in support of both public and private cloud computing environments.  We have been actively engaged with both enterprises and service providers to build their cloud environments. 

For enterprises we have taken legacy data center and highly virtualized computing environments and worked with the organizations to develop a cloud services model that enables the business to deliver IT services in a more agile and cost effective way.  Through our assessment programs we determine the roadmap for the transformation that will deliver IT to the line(s) of business and meet todays needs and time to market. We are constantly looking for new tools and methodologies that will allow an enterprise to leverage cloud capabilities as a business enablement tool and not just as a cost center.

For Service Providers we have supported the planning, design, implementation, and long term optimization of their cloud environments. We have developed a Cloud Ready Rack process to deliver capacity to the data center in a just in time manner that can be enabled in their system in a matter of minutes after being delivered to the floor. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the design and selection of the right components and tools to meet the go to market strategy that you seek to deliver to your clients.

Please contact your ePlus account executive for additional information on these services or to work with our cloud builder team.