TCO Cloud Modeling Assessment


 Lead Innovation Through Insight

TCO Cloud Modeling AssessmentAt ePlus, we believe the cloud fundamentally is about transformation and leveraging innovative technology, best-of-breed services, and new delivery models to change the way our businesses operate and serve our customers.
But before making the leap to the cloud, organizations first must determine the benefits. Does a cloud solution make sense? What benefits will it deliver to the organization? Is there sound justification for it? What is the expected Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)?
The ePlus TCO Cloud Modeling Assessment provides a systematic approach for evaluating the viability of the cloud in light of a company’s specific workloads, applications, and requirements—before charging forward and investing a lot of time and money.

 Benefits and Options


​Key Benefits

Accelerates the evaluation and planning of applications or workloads into public, private, and hybrid models
Provides proven use cases and a customized, accurate model for each application or workload
Offers a clear understanding of costs, security, compliance, and technology considerations for cloud deployments with documented, comprehensive reports

Flexible Options

One day workshop for up to 2 candidate applications or workloads
One week assessment for up to 15 applications or workloads
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