Enterprise Storage Assessment

With mounting day-to-day storage concerns and explosive data growth, the ability to accurately forecast storage capacity, reduce costs, and deal with data migration / storage sprawl have become more critical than ever before.   Your storage administrators face pressures too in terms of excessive backup times, higher service level requirements, longer retention periods for more data, and increased capacity needs.  ePlus can help.

Through our Enterprise Storage Assessment  we develop a comprehensive understanding of the performance, resiliency, and capacity of your entire storage infrastructure.  We’ll help you understand when to scale your storage systems to successfully serve the growing needs of your business. 

 Assessment Deliverables

storage-assmt-thumb1.jpgDiscovery of Enterprise Storage infrastructure
  • End to end topology view
  • Data-path mapping

Data Collection and Analysis

  • Map from application to server to storage
  • Track key performance indexes
  • Infrastructure Response Time (IRT)
  • Predict disk contention
  • Assess storage utilization
  • Identify virtual machine (VM) issues

Data Reporting

  • Executive presentation that ties findings to business benefits
  • Technical reports
  • Scorecards for VMs and storage performance on all Tier 1 vendor arrays
  • Volume capacity forecasting
  • LUN alignment report

Actionable Recommendations 

  • Relate actual data to application-level performance, backup problems, or similar storage operations
  • List of actionable changes to improve storage environment

 Why ePlus for Your Storage Assessment?

  • ​Ability to address heterogeneous data center environments and provide data and recommendations across all assets, including all Tier 1 vendor arrays: 
​Brocade EMC​ ​IBM
Cisco​ ​Hitachi ​NetApp
​Dell ​HP
  • Cross disciplined, national team: Access to 185+ data center, network, virtualization, data, and security architects
  • Consideration of multiple storage strategies and compare/contrast benefits of different approaches
  • Business, compliance, financial, technical, and operational factors considered in design
  • Strategic design of storage infrastructure based on business requirements

To make more effective use of your multi-vendor storage resources, request your Enterprise Storage Assessment today!   You can also email storage-assessment@eplus.com if you have specific questions or would like more information.