Cloud Migration and Performance Assessment


 Monitor, Map, and Identify


Cloud MigrationMoving to the cloud offers better and faster ways to focus on customer experience, improve productivity and engagement, and simplify IT. But preparing for cloud migrations can be a daunting and time-consuming task—with special considerations by workload and application that aren’t always clear.

The ePlus Cloud Migration and Performance Assessment helps accelerate this process by monitoring, mapping and identifying network-connectivity dependent workloads and applications over a designated timeframe, helping to eliminate hours of manual discovery. The application review and opportunity identification process then provides insight and training to help simulate the migration experience for better planning and decision making. Finally, the assessment recommends the best Infrastructure as a Service fit and compares these delivery costs against traditional models.

Key Benefits

Helps lower risk when moving critical applications or entire data centers
Provides visibility for network, virtualization and Windows servers
Offers guidance on proper migration evaluation and planning for cloud
Compares “As a Service” cost to traditional delivery for strategic decision making
Recommends the best technology fit for your organization