Mobility Solutions

Business mobility has become a way of life in today’s interconnected world.  You need anytime, anywhere access to partners, customers, employees, and assets to improve convenience, enhance customer responsiveness, and increase you competitive advantage.

 A Practical Approach

Mobility solutions offer a practical approach to unite existing networks and applications and provide a consistent experience to:
  • Improve the efficiency of employees and enhance the experiences of customers and partners
  • Collaborate in real-time using your choice of tools: application access, voice, video, instant messaging, or
  • Maintain security and access policies for devices and networks
  • Redefine business processes with voice, guest, location, security, and other mobility services
  • Track assets in real time

 Why ePlus for Your Mobility Solutions?


We understand that to plan and implement an effective mobile strategy, it entails more than simply measuring your workspace to determine the optimal number and placement of wireless antennas. Instead, we go the extra step to understand the number and types of devices (PCs, tablets, smart phones, and more) that you need to support and the types of traffic each will carry (voice, video, data, and so on).

At ePlus, security is the foundation of everything that we do—mobility/wireless without security is worse than having no wireless at all. We’ll assess your mobility needs as a component of your overall/holistic communications infrastructure to ensure that we design and deliver a total solution. 

Let ePlus help you leverage the power of unified collaboration solutions. Contact us today to learn more at
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