ePlus Collaboration Advantage: eWorkspace


 Delivering Desktops and Applications as On-Demand Services


ework-thumb1.jpgYour users expect the same rate of innovation from your company as they do from the consumer market.  And they demand the flexibility to use enterprise applications at any time, from anywhere—on their desktops, laptops, and favorite mobile devices.

However, the static desktop we have lived with for the last 20 years has run its course and can no longer support your users’ demands. 

Current PC desktops present many challenges:

  • Expensive, high touch, hard to manage
  • App performance relies on hardware
  • Limited mobility
  • Disjointed communications
  • Aging client supportability
  • Poor tools to share documents and work collaboratively
  • Riskier, more complex security mode
  • Lower control of user created data
  • Most expensive compute model to scale
  • Not optimized for the cloud
  • Hard to manage SLAs

 Leveraging Virtual Workspace


ework-thumb2.jpgePlus offers eWorkspace, part of ePlus Collaboration Advantage, as a flexible, portable, and secure solution to allow access to virtualized applications on BYOD devices.  It gives your teams the tools they need in a packaged bundle that untethers staff from their offices and cubicles. 

eWorkspace brings together Cisco's Virtual Workspace Smart Solution with Citrix XenDesktop to deliver workspaces and applications as on-demand services, streaming applications and workspaces tailored to all users in your enterprise environment. The result is greater user mobility and choice—as well as increased productivity for both users and the IT departments that serve them.

Deployed on an integrated, end-to-end infrastructure designed by ePlus to support and secure virtualized environments, the solution delivers an uncompromised user experience, centralizes IT operations, secures mission-critical data, and better supports the foundation of any business: people.

To learn more about delivering workspaces and applications as on-demand services and changing the way you work every day, contact ePlus today at 888-482-1122 or eworkspace@eplus.com.

 An Integrated Solution

As a Cisco Gold Certified Partner, Citrix Gold Solution Advisor Partner, and the first North American partner qualified as a Unified Workspace Partner via the Cisco and Citrix Partner Accelerator Initiative, ePlus has the credentials and experience you can trust.