Advanced Audio & Video

Don’t Just Communicate—Collaborate

We hear a lot these days about the need for collaboration—about ways to boost productivity while cutting costs. If you’ve heard enough, and you’re ready to start doing, ePlus can get your organization working together—better, faster, and smarter—with Advanced Audio and Video Solutions (AAVS).

 Lights, Camera, Interaction!


AAVS will enable you to build more effective, more collaborative teams—across corporate boundaries, companies, and continents. We’ll combine advanced audio, ultra-HD video, and interactive collaboration tools to create a live, essentially face-to-face communication experience over an IP network. An ePlus collaborative video solution helps people meet, share content, create high-quality video recordings and events, and consult with experts, all with the immediacy and impact of an in-person experience.

ePlus makes it simple, too. Once your system is up and running, launching a meeting is as easy as making a phone call. Collaboration applications, like WebEx, are plug and play. And participants can seamlessly join in from many locations at once.


 ePlus Adds Value


With unrivaled expertise in converged infrastructure, top manufacturer credentials, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders, ePlus can deliver the full spectrum of unified communication and collaboration (UC&C) solutions. We can design powerful video and distribution solutions around your specific needs for enhanced collaboration and deliver the content you need, wherever you need it. But the real value comes when we add these capabilities to our converged infrastructure expertise to create complete, purpose-designed, interoperable infrastructure solutions—that leverage your existing assets to multiply the business value of your technology portfolio.


 Collaboration Pays


What about the return on your investment? You could easily see your AAVS system paying for itself in a matter of months. Organizations typically report as much as a 30% decrease in travel expense once their video collaboration solution is operational. And if you think about it, you’re not just buying an Advanced Audio and Video Solution, you’re actually buying time. Less time traveling means more time working, more opportunity to be productive. Of course, it’s difficult to put a dollar amount on the improved morale you’ll enjoy, since employees will be spending less time away from home and family.


 Service & Support


​A range of support options is available, from a 24x7 toll-free support number to Managed Services to on-site support (available in PA, NJ, DE, and NY). Our systems typically include IP addressable and managed hardware, enabling ePlus to query and diagnose technical issues remotely. This service can be provided on a 24x7 basis, a 9-5 schedule, or on an as-needed basis. For the highest quality of service, we recommend the holistic support of our Managed Services team.

With Legacy Tandberg Platinum Status as well as top Cisco Master Level and Polycom certifications, ePlus offers a full spectrum of solutions and services to meet any video collaboration need, including:

  • High-end conference room systems
  • Immersive TelePresence systems
  • Advanced classroom/training room systems
  • Audio/video Web streaming, distribution, archive, and repurposing
  • Content distribution and digital signage
  • Auditoriums, theatres, meeting rooms, and multi-function area design
  • Managed Services Centers and control room design
  • Training facilities
  • Base building design and build of the audio/video, IT infrastructure, data security, and physical security

To learn more about what our Advanced Audio and Video Solutions can do to help your organization work smarter, together, contact ePlus today at 888-482-1122 or email