Web Conferencing

Today’s workplace is more mobile, social, visual, and virtual than ever before. Your employees, customers, and partners need ways to instantly contact you, interact, and conduct business—through the communications channels they prefer, and achieve these business objectives.

​By taking advantage of industry-leading web conferencing capabilities, you’ll be able to meet these demands and facilitate compelling, productive experiences. Web conferencing solutions deliver many benefits, allowing you to:

  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Optimize team performance
  • Enable mobile users
  • Improve organization communications
  • Transform training and event management
  • Improve your company’s space utilization and management

 Why ePlus for Your Web Conferencing Needs?


ePlus can help you take advantage of industry-leading web conferencing capabilities and facilitate compelling, productive experiences:

  • Meet in real time anywhere, anytime, on any device worldwide
  • Use any platform, including mobile devices
  • Enhance communications using integrated high-quality video
  • Manage highly-collaborative business processes from meetings to sales, training, events, and support
  • Integrate with existing day-to-day business applications and existing architecture 

We understand the importance of collaboration and how to maximize the effectiveness of your meetings through the use of Web-based document and file sharing, video, and crystal clear audio. Most importantly, we know how to make your meetings more effective for all of your employees, whether they’re sitting in the office, working from home, traveling on business, or even at your customers’ sites—and if they’re working from their PCs, tablets, or mobile smart phones.

Let ePlus help you leverage the power of unified collaboration solutions. Contact us today to learn more at
888-482-1122 or info_technology@eplus.com