ePlus inc. is a leading integrator of technology solutions. We enable organizations to optimize their IT infrastructure and supply chain processes by delivering world-class IT products from top manufacturers, managed and professional services, flexible lease financing, proprietary software, and patented business methods and systems.  With our core focus areas in data center/cloud computing, collaboration, IT infrastructure, services capabilities, and security—complemented by leasing and software—ePlus can develop and deliver innovative, scalable, and financially sound solutions.  This broad offering truly sets us apart from our competition. We call it the ePlus Advantage™.​

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Premier Technology Reseller 
ePlus values the importance of our long-standing partnerships with top manufacturers. We hold the highest level certifications across the board, have access to the greatest levels of discounts, and employ an expert-level engineering team to implement the latest technologies. This breadth and depth of our offering is what differentiates us in the marketplace. 

Our partnerships include some of the most recognizable brands in the industry: Apple, Check Point, Cisco, Citrix, Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Oracle, VCE, VMware, and Xerox.  This strategy enables us to provide integrated delivery solutions in the most critical technologies for our customers.

Strengthened by these alliances, we have the technical knowledge and resources to design, source (either electronically or through dedicated account staff), configure, implement, and support all of our customers’ IT needs. Our team of more than 185 certified engineers is proficient in leading technologies, including:

  • Data Center / Cloud Computing
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure/VXI
  • Server Consolidation / Virtualization
  • Collaboration / Unified Communications
  • Video Systems / TelePresence
  • Security
  • Storage / Backup 
  • Networking
  • Wireless Networks
  • Mobility
  • Professional and Managed Services

Financial Solutions
Once our customers are ready to purchase equipment or services, ePlus is a single source for complete IT asset acquisition and financing. We deliver the flexibility to gain immediate use of products while conserving bank and credit lines. We automate the entire lease process, reducing paperwork and approval time while providing customized end-of-lease options. In addition to IT leasing, we offer commercial, federal, and municipal leasing; financial services; and lease process automation and contract management.

Software and Patented Business Processes
Our robust IT solutions are complemented with a suite of on-demand supply chain solutions.  ePlus develops and provides our OneSource® family of software solutions and services to help our customers unify and automate supply chain processes, drive cost savings, improve compliance, and enhance productivity. Our diversified portfolio of patented business methods and systems includes eProcurement, Asset Management, Supplier and Catalog Content Management, Spend Analytics, and Document Management.

A Clear Focus
At ePlus, we work with an unwavering commitment to value and customer satisfaction. With a vendor neutral approach and thorough analysis of each of our customers' unique needs, we’re able to deliver the right solution for every business objective—on time and within budget. Forging ahead on the leading edge of IT for over a decade, we have built a foundation of excellence through experience. And through this experience, we have acquired the vision and resources to be the best partner we can to our customers, our vendors, and our employees.

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For More Information
ePlus was founded in 1990, and has more than 950 associates and services more than 2,800 federal, state, municipal, and commercial customers nationally.  The company is headquartered in Herndon, VA.  For more information, call 888-482-1122 or email info@eplus.com.

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