Vulnerability Assessments

​ePlus Security offers Vulnerability Assessments in Health Check, Standard, Premium, and Recurring options (via our Vulnerability Assessment Managed Service). We begin with a scan of your network-connected devices and applications to identify open ports and specific vulnerabilities. We’ll then carefully analyze any discovered exposures and assign associated risk levels and categorizations. You will receive executive and technical level reports as well as recommendations so we can work together to plan and proceed with mitigation techniques.

The Premium Vulnerability Assessment service also includes a comprehensive vulnerability validation process and additional unique elements designed to add value to your engagement. The Vulnerability Assessment Managed Service provides recurring assessment services to assist you with meeting compliancy requirements, maintaining posture baselines, and expediting vulnerability identification in rapidly changing environments.

 SecureAID Vulnerability Assessments at a Glance:

  • Mitigate Risks and Liabilities
  • Discover Unknown Vulnerabilities and Network Devices
  • Validate Security Infrastructure
  • Comprehensive Report Generation
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