Risk & Compliance

​ePlus Security understands the challenges of maintaining industry and legal compliance across your IT environment, including regulatory requirement related to PCI, SOX, GLB, HIPAA, and more.  People, processes, and technology all have access to the storage and transport of sensitive data assets.
ePlus Security offers a third-party objective review to assess and improve your security awareness. By taking advantage of our Compliance Gap Analysis and Readiness Assessments, you’ll have peace of mind when audit time arrives. In addition, we offer IT Security Risk Assessments to assist in discovering, classifying, and protecting your critical enterprise data.
We’ll interview your data owners, key stakeholders, and operations personnel to calculate your individual risk matrix. We’ll then provide quantified data for use in policy development and process improvement to protect your sensitive property from compromise and lost revenue.
SecureAID Risk and Compliance Assessments at a Glance:
  • Validate Network and Infrastructure
  • Validate Patching Levels
  • Baseline, Annual, or Regulatory Criteria Assessments
  • Report Card of Your Security Posture

To learn more about our collaborative approach to implement a robust and cost-effective security solution, contact us today at 800-326-1990 or eplus-security@eplus.com.