Penetration Testing

​Building on our robust Vulnerability Assessments, ePlus Security offers Penetration Testing services performed by industry leading professionals dedicated to white-hat processes and creative exploitation techniques. We use data collected during the Vulnerability Assessment process to fuel active exploits against your at-risk systems. Our penetration techniques mirror those of a hacker trying to gain access to identify areas and data susceptible to breaches. The services branch from traditional internal and external networks includes wireless, remote access, social engineering, and Web application testing.

 SecureAID Penetration Testing Methodology at a Glance:

  • Application / System Description and Classification - Understand the architecture of the system and its business uses
  • Existing or Available Controls and Countermeasures - Analyze any existing and/or available security controls and countermeasures
  • Asset Catalog - Identify information assets, system resources, and trust entities
  • Findings and Recommendations – Assess technology vulnerabilities and identify potential threats
  • Risk Profile - Determine risk exposure and impact
  • Findings and Recommendations – Select security controls and countermeasures
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