Identity & Access Control

Coupling contextual awareness with user identification provides more agility and protection when governing access to network and applications—and is your first line of defense to secure sensitive data.

 Identity Management & Access Control


User authentication services provide a frontline defense to the access gateways in use by all remote access solutions. Services such as secure LDAP and RADIUS authentication provide customizable policies capable of offering tailored access policies to individual users. Two-factor authentication solutions from RSA and Safenet can help improve these defenses via token and behavior/risk based multi-factor authentication methods.

Centralized policy management servers build on authentication services and use them to translate business policies into actionable enforcement (authorization) at service gateways. ePlus Security leverages Cisco’s Identity Services Engine to provide the central policy governance that can build and enforce contextual awareness decisions. Current trends in IT, such as “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD), require a network and security infrastructure capable of identifying and controlling access to these devices.

Device health provides the last crucial check to a successful access control policy. Posture services to examine an endpoint for up-to-date OS patches, AV signatures, and any company-specific endpoint policies provide information of which users may not always be aware. ePlus Security will help to craft Network Admission Control solutions that complement existing network topologies and provide the complete contextual awareness required to permit or deny access to your valued business assets.


 Enterprise Mobility


Reduce your total cost of mobility and enable a productive, always-on workforce while enforcing expense and security policies with Enterprise Mobility solutions.  ePlus Security partners with iPass and MobileIron to create and manage tailored mobility solutions across any network and device.  All iPass Enterprise Mobility Services are based on the iPass Open Mobile Platform, providing unrivaled choice in access, devices, and services.  This cloud-based, open architecture helps you achieve timely integration of tomorrow’s mobile technologies, while driving down TCO. Integration with MDM helps couple the access method with the policy enforcement to provide the complete solution for your secure mobility requirements.

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