Endpoint & Mobile Security

Endpoints are the new perimeter. Security controls focused on the protection of end-user devices (server, PC, and mobile) provide for a higher level of control and a strong foundation for your security architecture.

 Data Leakage Prevention

data-leakage-thumb.jpgPrevent the loss of sensitive data, increase visibility into where data is sent and stored, and meet regulatory compliance by implementing a Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solution.  ePlus Security partners with industry leaders, like McAfee and RSA, to provide market-leading DLP capabilities designed to secure sensitive information and intellectual property as well as manage and enforce regulatory requirements.  We enable organizations to deploy the DLP solution that best meets their needs with reduced cost and complexity. DLP also plays an important role in BYOD deployments, when direct access and storage of sensitive data is a requirement.

 Endpoint Security

ePlus Security offers a full range of Endpoint Security solutions, including disk encryption, anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-spyware that integrate tightly with existing OS platforms and user identity stores.  We partner with leading vendors, like McAfee, to deliver the latest technology with unified management consoles for easy control, comprehensive reporting, seamless updates, and a single pane of glass view into the security health of your company’s endpoints.

 Mobile Security

mobile-security-thumb.jpgThe growth explosion in mobile devices within the enterprise cannot be ignored. ePlus Security partners with leading Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions, like MobileIron, to ensure that policy, protection, and control are extended beyond the traditional desktop/laptop onto the mobile device that is so critical for today’s business operations. These devices, while helping to increase productivity, arrive with a new set of security threat vectors and concerns. A mobile security strategy coupling your BYOD policies with advanced technology are required to meet this new challenge.

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