Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)


 Business Mobility Roadmap


Let ePlus give you a guided tour to optimize your BYOD strategy with our Business Mobility Roadmap solution. This session with one of our senior security strategists will identify the challenges presented by your current environment, engage all business stakeholders, and map out a near- and long-term strategy to move secure mobility forward in your organization.


 Central Policy Systems


byod-main2.jpgA secure and high-performing network infrastructure is essential to any BYOD initiative. This required element will typically include a central policy system that governs authentication/authorization, guest controls, and posture and device identification services. This central policy system is then enforced at all network ingress points, including wired switches, wireless access points, and VPN remote access gateways.  Higher throughput wired networks coupled with properly surveyed and deployed wireless networks will help ensure performance and increase user experience and satisfcation.


 Endpoint Protection


byod-main3.jpgLoss of device ownership should not imply loss of control. If devices are going to be accessible to sensitive corporate data then policies must dictate necessary controls on the endpoints to protect your sensitive information. Endpoint protection suites are now tailored beyond the Windows/Mac environments to include mobile OS platforms. Our solutions help provide needed visibility, enterprise mobility cost control, DLP, encryption, threat protection, and policy adherence.


 BYOD Partners