ePlus CyberSecurity Management Program


 Helping You Manage Risk and Win the Battle to Secure Your Brand

cyber-security-thumb-200x150.jpgSecurity has become a board-level conversation. Top execs know that security hacks are headline news—and any breach puts top-line revenue, brand image, and company reputation at risk.

But protecting against modern threats is a continuous challenge. Cybercrime is a well-funded, organized industry, and today's persistent threats are becoming more difficult to recognize. The ongoing risk of insider threats (whether malicious or benign) and a shortage of cybersecurity talent makes security a constant battle. Piecemeal and reactive approaches to information security no longer work.

 Continuous Security Management – A Flexible Subscription Service


cyber-security-thumb-2-200x150.jpgAt ePlus, we take a continuous approach to information security, so our clients can manage their business risks proactively. Through our ePlus CyberSecurity Management Program, we help our clients establish, implement, maintain, and continually improve their InfoSec processes and tools through the use of standards-based assessments—such as ISO27001, NIST, UCF, COBIT, PCI, DSS, ISF and HIPAA—and expert knowledge of the latest products, solutions, and threat intelligence.

With ePlus CyberSecurity Management Program, you’ll be able to:

Provide a dramatic, positive impact on security effectiveness through a clear, continuous process delivered as a flexible subscription service
Continually evaluate and protect your security posture via standards-based assessments, security reviews, and customized roadmaps
Integrate and coordinate risk and compliance through a proactive catalog of services that accommodates the new realities of cloud and mobility
Develop a stronger security management framework to better contain and forecast risk
Instill security as a culture, not a stop/start engagement
Meet increased board demand for greater security value for the investment via comprehensive security reporting, board-level metrics and a single point of contact

For more information on how the ePlus CyberSecurity Management Program can help you take your security program to the next level, click here to get in touch with us or contact your ePlus Account Executive.