Healthcare Regulatory Compliance

​​ePlus, along with our trusted and long-term IT manufacturer alliance partners, are well versed with technology needs and governance surrounding regulations for Meaningful Use, ICD10, HIPAA 5010, EPA, CDC, OSHA, JCA, FDA, CLIA, and ERISA.

Whether it is ensuring that an institution meets HIPAA information availability and IT storage requirements, that clinical trials are conducted with compliant reporting models, or that a hospital data center passes OSHA inspection, our end-to-end solutions give you peace of mind.

 ARRA Incentive Program


ProvistaARRA, also known as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, plays a very large role in funding the healthcare IT space. Billions of federal dollars have been allocated to encourage and assist hospitals in becoming “Meaningful Users” of EHR (Electronic Health Record) technology. Payments to hospitals began distributing in May 2011 and will continue for several years.

ePlus Technology has partnered with Provista to assist eligible hospitals in upgrading their existing hardware and software with EHR-certified equipment. Working with your requirements and your chosen certified software provider (such EPIC, Cerner, Siemens, or others), we can design, install, and manage the optimum storage and networking solutions for your current and future state environment. As your trusted partner, we offer financing options that allow you to upgrade your infrastructure now and pay after you receive your funding.

ePlus can help you navigate the ARRA Incentive Program through a free consultation:

  • Learn the core objectives to becoming a Meaningful User of EHR technology.
  • Procure EHR Certified hardware and software completely paid for by the government.
  • Take advantage of leasing programs available for little to no out-of-pocket expense.
  • Leverage the highest quality IT equipment at competitive prices through our strategic partners, including HP, Cisco, VMware, IBM, NetApp, Microsoft, Oracle, and many others.
  • Find out more about ePlus' core competencies in data center, cloud computing, unified communications, infrastructure, and security solutions as well as our complete services offering in IT solution design, installation, and management.

To learn more about ARRA and how ePlus Technology can help you take advantage of this incentive money, contact us today: 888-482-1122 |