IT Lifecycle Process Automation

ePlus handles all financing-related tasks, simplifying your administrative processes and providing true visibility and control.

 Our Services Cover:

Needs Analysis - ePlus examines your situation in detail, designs a leasing program to fit those needs, suggests business process changes to enhance efficiency, and completes all the paperwork for you. Saves time, sourcing requirements, and money
Requisition, Approval, and Purchase Order Process - ePlus works with your team to fit within your procedures for processing orders—and can be synched to your accounting systems—for proactive and integrated vendor management. Enhances your control
Receipt and Acceptance - ePlus automates the receipt of assets and lease acceptance using Web-based services.
Improves efficiency and reduces internal costs
Invoice Reconciliation and Vendor Payment - ePlus reconciles purchase orders, invoices, and receipts—and eliminates the intensive vendor reconciliation payment process. Replaces and improves internal processes
Multiple Invoicing Formats - ePlus provides cost center invoicing as well as standard data downloads for easier bill payment. Streamlines cost center management
Asset, Lease, Company, Contract Data, and Reporting - ePlus allows you to manage fixed assets as well as contract terms for leases, financing, and maintenance through a Web-based solution, eliminating start-up costs and positioning you for future strategic product upgrades and refresh options. Reduces errors and provides tighter controls
Taxes; Other Compliance Issues; and Adds, Moves, and Changes - ePlus takes over monitoring of compliance obligations, applications, and data as well as tracks moves, adds, and changes. Creates a complete audit trail for financial visibility and corporate compliance
Data, Alerts, and Notifications - ePlus can proactively manage maintenance and lease contracts through automatic alerts and reports, and maintains data and financial information for Sarbanes-Oxley. Maintains compliance process efficiently with attendant savings
End of Lease and Asset Disposal - ePlus can handle and arrange end of lease returns including removal, logistics, and certified disposal. Maximizes savings

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