Federal Leasing

At all levels, government faces unprecedented demand for services at a time when revenue shortfalls and budget cutbacks are the norm, rather than the exception. How can you stretch your budget to meet the requirements of your mission and your constituents? ePlus can help. We can structure and complete a lease that will maximize the use of your budgetary funds, as well as keep you technologically and capacity current.

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fed-leasing-thumb1.jpgYou can rely on ePlus. Since 1990, we have successfully designed and executed innovative and cost-effective leasing and financing solutions for government customers and contractors. With the experience gained from thousands of successful transactions, ePlus can help you get the assets you need today with current and future budget dollars.

ePlus understands the federal acquisition process and is very familiar with the federal government’s buying patterns. ePlus leasing bridges the gap between the assets needed immediately and the budgetary funds currently available. Leasing gives the federal government customer—and its contractors—the flexibility and leverage to obtain and deliver optimal solutions when you need them. . . now.

Call us today at 703-984-8037 or email gov@eplus.com to see how ePlus can help you meet your
mission-critical requirements.


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