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For customer service and sales inquiries, please call toll free 800-677-5677 and press the appropriate number from the options below:

Option 1
ePlus Technology Sales & Services for Commercial Customers

Option 2
ePlus Technology Sales & Services for State/Local/Education Customers

Option 3
ePlus Technology Sales & Leasing for Federal Government Customers/Contractors

Option 4
ePlus Commercial Leasing Customers

Option 5
ePlus Consulting Sales & Account Management

Option 6
ePlus Brand Software Sales & Information (including Procure+, Content+, Spend+, and DigitalPaper)

Option 7
ePlus Brand Software Technical Support

Option 8
Technical Support for ePlus Supplier Enablement

Option 9
All other inquiries

Option *
Repeat menu options



 Corporate Headquarters

13595 Dulles Technology Drive
Herndon, VA 20171-3413

Main Telephone: 703-984-8400
Toll Free: 888-482-1122
Main Fax: 703-984-8600

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